Taking a sabbatical

Hey folks. Today’s market was a little off the high of last Friday (high being the Market Mood barometer high).  Here is today’s Market Mood barometer.


As you can see, we’re back at a 90% Long/10% Short (or cash) portfolio mix. I mentioned last week that I usually follow the barometer by a day or so just for this reason. I, as you would, like to see the barometer hit the Bull/Happy and stay there for a while; however, the market is still in a tenuous state and has its ups and downs. I would just have a Long bias in my portfolio.
Also, I’ve mentioned that I’ve had as many as 6000 symbols in the TtM catalog in the past. I finally settled on around 2100 symbols which represented a mix of conservative and volatile stocks. What I was hoping for was a large mix of stocks to choose from (from the 2 Day Long/Short reports). That worked fine but as we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks, there were plenty of choices but an increase in volatility. This situation yields more trading than I want to do. I’m exploring a different mix of ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds to achieve a better yield with fewer trades.
So, while I’m working to improve the information I present in this blog, I’ll back off publishing any updates. I’m confident the time off-line will increase the useful information and suggestions that I present on TtM. During this time off I will also explore methods of promoting this site. What I was hoping for was that a number of readers would land on the site and tell their friends and colleagues. Maybe that was a bit optimistic so we’ll give it a while longer and when I get back – we’ll have a better product and revised strategy for our readers.
The easiest way to ensure we come back and come back quickly is to comment on some of the content I’ve presented already or, contact me and let me know what you think of the site and the content. I want this site to run exclusively on crowd contributions and not external advertisements. I abhor advertising as I expect you do.
Let me know if you want to see the content that our unique set of tools provides. You will not find a more useful set of information anywhere. We’ve only scratched the surface on the content which is available from TtM. I will occasionally present the overall Market Mood barometer but not on a regular basis.
Best Regards, JC

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