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We’ve told you how your contributions ensure that you, the reader, have access to quality and timely information from the TtM strategy. We cannot stress this fact enough.  We’re not out to get rich from the work we’ve done (it would be nice though).  We’ve spent almost 5 years designing, developing, testing, and producing the TtM strategy.  The result is this truly revolutionary new way for investors to view the market.

In addition, we are not satisfied with simply publishing TtM output for our readers.  Our goal is to build the largest investment club in the world – we need your support for developing the extensive artifacts needed to bring products and services to our club members.

Sorry but we need to state this: If contributions drop below those necessary to sustain and expand we will put an obnoxious banner across the site to remind our readers that we do rely on their contributions.  None of us like being reminded to contribute so please contribute on a regular basis.  With you will find those little stock/fund nuggets that produce a quick 10-20% and you’ll thank TtM.  When that happens, it’s a good time to share a little with the folks that work hard to bring you the TtM information.

Thank you in Advance! The TtM Team

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