No work that pushes the state of the art is ever developed in a vacuum. Over the years I have read too many books and articles to mention.  I probably get my appreciation for moving averages and patterns from Dave Landry.  Dave’s “The Layman’s Guide to Trading Stocks” was an interesting read but his weekly webinars were even more interesting.

Google is just one of many search engines. My specific acknowledgement of Google is probably the result of Google being my home page.  It has been for years and I could not even begin to count how many searches I’ve made using their technology.  You can’t put a value on the useful information at your fingertips.  I will acknowledge Google because Google provides this capability for free.

Yahoo! Finance is another organization that provides access to reliable data that is the foundation of TtM. Yahoo! Finance is not the only source of data but, it has always been there when I needed it.  Today, their historical price data (which is available for each symbol within TtM) is still available, reliable, and free.

Josh Jackson at WP Sculptor provides videos on YouTube which made TtM web possible. I started a web site in 2009 when the predecessor of TtM began to show promise.  I finally removed the site after months of struggling to produce a useful and interesting site.  It was always something I was “going to get back to” one day.  When I found Josh’s videos on how to build a site using Word Press I knew it was time to try again.  This site is far from complete but I must commend Mr. Jackson for his knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge.

The Chigago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) provide quite a bit of useful information on trading that is free of charge.  In addition to the training material the CBOE provides a virtual trading environment that lets you trade both stocks and options.  When the market is in “No Man’s Land” it is a good time to try out your strategy in a risk free environment.  Happy trading!

There will be additional acknowledgements in the future. I’m all about recognizing people and organizations which provide useful information and services that help the “cash strapped” entrepreneur.